Re-crossing the bridge of the spy

As the Cold War approached, the two world superpowers exchanged a spy on a bridge separating East and West in Berlin. The date is February 10, 1962. The recent weather has turned from heavy snow to cloudy, symbolizing the temporary thaw of the relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union, which made them pose before the madness of nuclear energy. Arms race.

According to author Giles Whittell, there were only ten intercontinental ballistic missile nuclear warheads at the time. They will have tens of thousands of dollars before the end of the Cold War 30 years later. It seems that Eisenhower’s warning about the military/industrial complex has been ignored. It was during this time that the report of the "Spy Bridge" made us see a groundbreaking foundation for the war. Fortunately, this has never become a reality. It fights in the shadows. Gilles skillfully stripped the layers of the onion dome to alleviate the fear of both sides.

Entering the stage is William Fisher, a curious pedigree spy from Russia. He entered Canada from Germany via one of many presumed names through passenger ships in Quebec City. The date is November 1948. The Soviet Union is seriously lagging behind in nuclear technology. Since the days of Los Alamos and Manhattan, they have been monitoring Americans wildly to catch up with the chasers. Fisher's job is to recruit and build a spy network throughout the United States because the last group of Russian spies have been discovered and sent away [Klaus Fox and Rosenberg, executed]. William Fisher is a cool brain spy. His main concern is to build his own deep undercover and maintain the cover at all costs. He has hardly engaged in any espionage for many years. It seems that he is comfortable to keep himself as a cover for New York artists because he retired after making noodles in the photofinishing business. The author points out that since no one can do half-noodles during photofinishing, at first glance he should doubt his cover.

This reminds me of the submarine that two Nazi spies landed on the bottom of the sea in Gaspe, Quebec during the Second World War. They lasted about fifteen minutes. They wandered around, walked into a small hotel and asked for a room. They paid for their expenses in an outdated currency and went to the much-needed rest space. The front desk clerk couldn't imagine where the two "business travelers" arrived. Ever since they arrived and ek diesel, did they really drag the suitcase from the next village as they said? She immediately called the Mounted Police. William Fisher should also be discovered by his neighbors. He contradicts his own past stories, but he casually attributes them to the general behavior of people reinventing themselves: a person without achievements They made a deep impression on others. Whether he is obviously lying by his many contradictory history, he is a hail friend, and he also deeply shared their interest in art. The only liaison in the United States that he cultivated on barren land was Reino Hayhanen, a military supporter of the wetlands if he wanted to resurrect the discussion of the Prohibition Order.

On the right side of the stage, young air force expert Francis Gary Powers was invited by the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] to perform reconnaissance missions in Soviet airspace. At this point, the United States has a strategic bomber command, and large bombers are constantly on duty and ready to fly over the North Pole to deliver nuclear bombs to the supposed Russian targets. The Russians soon adopted nuclear bomb technology and jumped forward with ballistic missiles that could travel across continents in just a few minutes. The United States is panicked and urgently needs to know how many missiles the Soviet Union has and where they are. The United States has developed a U2 aircraft that can fly at 70,000 feet, much higher than the interception capability of Russian fighters. They need the best pilots in the country, perform long missions in hostile territory, and take pictures of missile devices. For various reasons, it is unrealistic to ask the CIA to establish a spy network in the Soviet Union. This is the only way to open up to them and is probably the most reliable way.

The power of a very modest background from Virginia provided an astonishing $30,000 to fly to the CIA. Anyone who knows America will recognize the charm of many disadvantaged Americans. Today's money is about one million a year. This work mainly includes training tasks. Every time you invade hostile airspace, you must get approval from the president, so there are very few flights over Russia. For wives who are unable to accompany them to the remote air bases of Turkey, Iran and Pakistan, the real enemy becomes boring and embarrassing.

It can be said that another key role of this play is inanimate – U2 itself. Whittell professionally describes the development of aircraft required to intercept flights over the Russian MIG. Admittedly, readers need basic knowledge of aviation, but the author opens the door to readers of trade schools. He told us why the plane would be picky when flying at such altitudes, why U2 has such low control in thin air, why the engine must be strong enough to lift it off the track just one step away, why is the stall between These speeds and super-acceleration require that the aircraft usually fly by autopilot, and why the pilot is not spared at 70,000 feet. The parachute is bounced to that height, and the human body is exploded by the pressure of the expanding elastic pressure suit due to the inflated blood gas and the gas in the body. During the test, when the aircraft was lifted off, there was no bubbling of the bare skin that was suppressed by the clothes. Imagine an astronaut walking in space without a suit. The result will be instantaneous red and brown from

Popnado from

 . It is conceivable that U2 pilots can't imagine such images, but they are more likely to suppress them, so that their subconsciouss have a ubiquitous undercurrent of fear of their survival, which may be the cause of many walkers' walks.

The canvas of this play is also perfect. Gilles indifferently told us two powerful and powerful competitors who tried to impress the other side by shooting an open-air demonstration of a thermonuclear explosion, which was the power of a 100-megaton mushroom cloud and between two hostile giants. A warning of the dangers of open war. Whittell took an independent view to understand human stupidity and how close we are to the crazy self-immolation. The input of the former Secretary-General’s son, Sergei Khrushchev, is invaluable. It is also known after fifty years.

In this work, we look at the contemporary political system: the Soviet Union, led by dogmatic social engineers, who are willing to sacrifice thousands of people in the Gulag to shape human behavior and accept greater interests for the country. Abandon the concept of self. Imagine if a farmer was responsible for the experiment with the exaggerated personality and vain wisdom of Russian Donald Trump, showing a tendency to take off his shoes at the United Nations and squat them on the table. As the ultimate power to express him. The peasant leader claimed that the Soviet Union was making an intercontinental ballistic missile like a sausage and buried the United States. Look at the map of the Soviet Union. You can accommodate three complete United States on its territory. It is a difficult task to prove or prove that the Soviet Union is ready to destroy the US launch site. Therefore, the aggressive Khrushchev must keep its promise. Therefore, speeding is required.

The other side is essentially a class system in which the lottery winners run in the fight for personal supremacy in capitalism. Their leader, John F. Kennedy, is the successor to one of the more successful, morally ambiguous profiteers. John F. Kennedy joked that his father asked him exactly how many votes he needed to win the 1960 election because he was too cheap to pay for the landslide. It is irrelevant that the American proletariat wants to play the game of losing money as a bourgeoisie. The tempting wealth of the city of Rage Building, the freedom to choose whether to jump on the fitness wheel is the most important. Even a disadvantaged person like Gary Bowers can defend the death penalty. This is a right, even if it means destroying the earth. After the Second World War, the United States was an industrial giant. The situation of ordinary citizens was much better because of the free flow of capital and the credit system. Even if it means a pre-emptive nuclear strike, they will defend it.

The irony is that the world's largest communist power is required to prove that the capitalist system after fifty years is sometimes the best. However, the American system at the time was losing its influence throughout the world. For free entrepreneurs, this looks very bleak. China, Cuba, Greece, North Korea, Indochina, Malaysia, almost all of Eastern Europe and many other countries have become the influence of the Communist Party. It is therefore urgent to catch up with the number of intercontinental ballistic missiles. The cold war is very real, a nuclear ammunition box is ready to ignite.

Soviet spy Fisher was arrested, convicted and sent to prison in Atlanta. The big country that shot down Russia was also imprisoned. 'Spy Bridge' tells the details and background of the exchange in Berlin shortly after the completion of the Iron Curtain.

I will let the writer Giles Whittell take it from here because he can do better than me. Whittell writes articles with the expertise of independent experts, weaving several lines together over time, creating a fierce and very relevant story from an omniscient perspective. In my opinion, this work has been thoroughly studied and filled with the history of many participants, such as those who bring power to missiles. U2 fell 1,500 miles in Soviet airspace. Therefore, even the best writers, collecting such detailed and accurate information on several continents for fifty years is a daunting task. I pay tribute to his advanced skills to explore the dark world of the past.

Now that I have whetted your interest in the author's topic and skills, I have to provide some warnings. Napoleon’s view of England is very wrong. It is not only populated by the owner. There seem to be two types of talent – either highly talented craftsmen or academic scholars. Like many non-fiction English writers, Giles is a member of the first group and is eager for the latter. If I say that the author is a scholar, then in terms of reading fun, this is the kiss of death. Giles approached the scene several times in danger, crossed the production line for a short time, and then jumped back quickly to keep the work interesting and move on.

Scholars have a temptation to expose high-level knowledge of a subject and fully grasp the facts to be yielded. One of these mistakes is to mention the following in advance: "I have been in Swaziland, facing thousands of armed and semi-mad rebellious aborigines, but this will be the case in the future. Let me tell me first. The impetuous youth and the reason why I became the first surgeon of the Queen's own rifle. "Giles talked about this in his opening, introducing a minor figure in the scene on the bridge. This was quickly forgotten by people. He mentioned her at the end of nearly 260 pages, but my memory can't believe her.

Another thing that scholars like to do is to confuse their work with the help of many factual assistants and to build the foundation for responsible readers. In just a few pages, it is clear that Gilles is English and comes from a celebrity school, all without reading the book. Gilles has a subconscious habit of building readers' trust in him by teaching pedagogy and footwork. When he gets a diploma, intellectuals will steal him. Why the author risked destroying his work is doing so more than me. His qualifications as a professional journalist and editor may also overwhelm his proofreaders, making them unable to comment on another stylistic error, which is most irritating to readers of the rapidly evolving historical drama. He often quotes or infers someone or something at the end of a small paragraph that is tilted, and must read the paragraph again to understand. For example, first he might talk about a plane that can break through a 70,000-foot obstacle, and then he might discuss the process of creating the plane, and his reference or inference will be "it." I don't know if I have to re-read an article to find out which segment? the meaning of. The last thing I found to be troublesome was the introduction of many faceless characters. We are introduced to so many Billis, Donovan, Drozzo Dorf, Mehans, Silvermans, Sudo Platovs, von Brooks, etc. Their meaning becomes a distant memory. Since Giles created a list of characters in the foreword, he didn't think it was necessary to use a gentle reminder to jot your memory. Forgot who she is? Go check it out, fool. Only the title of the actor is ' Dramatis Personae'. It should be a clue to its subconscious academic inclination, but I am digressing. Gilles, in general, I have given B points for your work, but if you want to achieve higher results in the next task, then I hope that your young people will learn less in the future, young people.

Aside from all the gibberish, the "Spy Bridge" is not only a good book, but also about who we are, and an important and accurate historical record. At that time the nuclear massacre was very real for our generation. Sex. I remember that during the air raids, rural residents issued an alarm on the telephone pole and exercised in elementary school to bend over and hide under the table. If I remember anything I did when I was young, it was to prepare for the eight-year-old child and face nuclear extinction. Giles Whittell did a great job of revitalizing that era.