Atlanta Convention Center Hotel

The main purpose of the conference center is to promote activities that generate economic benefits. As a concept, the conference center is a high-level conference solution that combines modern accommodation.

The success of the meeting depends to some extent on the environment in which the meeting takes place. Organizations need a private and comfortable space to accommodate a variety of groups. They need audio and video resources for real-time presentations. The Atlanta hotel has a large conference room with state-of-the-art equipment. The Atlanta hotel and conference center is perfect for national and local conferences, corporate meetings, association programs, retreats and seminars.

The functions of the conference center can be customized to meet the requirements of the guests. In the conference room, lighting, sound and room temperature are self-contained. The seat is designed to provide maximum comfort and a writing surface. The deluxe rooms combine the comfort of a luxury hotel with the latest in facilities and technology. Rooms at the Atlanta Hotel meet all the standards set by the International Conference Center Association [IACC]. The Atlanta hotel offers guests a laptop, as well as wired and wireless Internet access. The Atlanta Hotel and Conference Center also provides technical staff and staff for event coordination.

Other services at the Atlanta Hotel include welcome packages and mail, events and entertainment programs, sightseeing and entertainment recommendations, housing assistance, bid demos, media coverage and promotions, color slides or digital photography, information sheets upon registration and marketing support. The restaurant service at the conference centre offers event catering, decoration and themed consultations to welcome guests. Atlanta hotels also help attract experienced event planners who can manage events and ensure meeting success. The Event Manager arranges pre-conference meetings with meeting event professionals to coordinate the services required. The Atlanta hotel can meet all the requirements of the event planner. Atlanta's hotels and convention centers are therefore critical to overall passenger satisfaction.