10 ways to save money around Disneyland and Orlando

1. Walt Disney World is free to enter your 2009 birthday: all you have to do is sign up for free online and they will send you a reminder 2 weeks before your birthday. You can bring your admission with this confirmation and the appropriate ID. Free admission is only available for birthdays and a park.

2. Buy 4 nights and get 3 free gifts: Walt Disney World Resort offers 4 get for 4 nights. This also includes a 7-day theme park ticket. This offer applies to most nights from 03/17 to 04/04 and 04/19 to 08/15. If you travel between 03/17 and 03/29/09, you will receive a $200 Disney Gift Card. All tickets must be booked by March 29, 2009.

3. Walt Disney World Value Resort: At a lower price in the Value Resort, you can still enjoy some of the benefits of Disney Resorts, free to and from the airport, and free for the extended time of the theme park holiday resort for Disney. Travel to all theme parks and water parks, and enjoy the parents' nights in the 4-12 year old children while the resort is supervised by Disney actors. The room starts at $82 per night [tax included] and is suitable for most nights in the premium season. It can accommodate up to 4 guests and a room for up to 2 adults.

4. Orlando Magic Card: Available through the Orlando/Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau. You register and print the card for free. With this card, you can immediately start saving on accommodation, attractions, dining, golf, vacation rentals and transportation. Some examples of savings: a 20% discount for Gatorland tickets for up to 6 people, a $5 discount for $30 food stamps, and a $10 discount for Florida Central Ballet Academy tickets.

5. Go to Orlando Card: If you plan to stay for 3 days or more and want to visit many other attractions besides the theme park, this card is worth it. The option is to buy a card for 3, 5 or 7 days. The online discount for adult 3-day tour cards is $139.99 for adults and $118.99 per child [3-12 years old]. You can visit any of Orlando's 50 locations. Examples of these attractions include: Cypress Garden Adventure Park, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Kennedy Space Center, Wild Adventure, Pirate Dinner Adventure and more.

6. Kids Eat Free Card: The uniform cost per card is $19.99. In more than 50 Orlando restaurants, for every adult full-price adult meal purchased, each card will be free for 1 child under 11 years old. If you purchase a Go Orlando card, each card includes a free meal card for children. The card expires 90 days after the first use.

7. Coupons: When planning this trip, be sure to check the soda cans, grocery plan, grain boxes, and occasionally you will find different discounts and discounts on Disney ticket prices. Disney Rewards Visa members can enjoy different benefits and discounts at theme parks. AAA members can also get some discounts.

8. Florida Residents: If you are a Florida resident and can present a valid ID and proof of residence, you can enjoy discounts on many attractions, hotels, etc. You need to ask if they offer any resident discounts before purchasing anything. Tickets.

9. Beverage: The park does allow you to carry bottled water and soda, but does not allow the use of any type of cooler, glass bottle or alcoholic beverage. You can refill these bottles or buy a fillable insulated bottle. Otherwise, you will pay $3 for bottled water, which adds up when you have to keep your water all day long.

10. Food: Some parks have fruit stands and you can buy an apple or banana for $1. Try to avoid special breakfasts, they are very expensive. The children have spent a whole day of excitement and adventure in the park, so it is best to have a calm, quiet breakfast. Instead, plan to meet people in the park and post the time and place of the characters throughout the park. If you really want to dine at one of the Disney restaurants, plan a lunch, which is much cheaper than dinner. In addition, some Orlando McDonald's [Orlando McDonald's] offer a free children's meal for a regular dinner.